Working on next chapters

I’m busy working on both a new chapter for Of Sheep and Battle Chicken as well as the first chapter of the Turian Hierarchy for a Season of Sorrows Unending.

I’ve also finally completed outlining of Lions in Blue and Silver, although I don’t have a date for that to actually begin work yet.  LiBaS is a story idea given to me by Progman, to go into the background of the Legacy Team. It will go over some parts of the First Conflict War that are very ugly, and probably run to about ten or eleven chapters. It will also give a lot of insight into why Rachel Florez joined Cerberus.

I haven’t gotten much done on the Human Version of the Cerberus Files, and sadly nothing done on Naruto stories either.

Well, shit.

I’m no longer with Blue Cross Blue Shield 🙁

Recently, we lost our biggest contract in Texas — the health contracts for the state’s school districts. There isn’t a hard figure for how much money this will cost us, tens of millions at least.

Overbudget and with everything still a mess with ObamaCare, a sudden flareup of my mother’s medical condition just made things worse.  So, I am done now.

I already got another job, working DBA-stuff for a vendor in Verizon’s logistics team , but I don’t have  a firm timeline on when I will get back to writing. I hope to just write a bit here and there and have a new chapter out in a month or two.

Updates and Hilarity

So obviously we are off the schedule!

The plan to be able to get some work done by February is obviously bust. That’s because about a day after my last post, we had a nice little round of lay-offs, and then another, and now I’m doing the work of two people and getting buried in additional work.

The good news is that I’m pretty much done with the next chapter of OSABC and the Cerberus Files: Humanity about the SA military. I just need to clean them up this weekend.

I also got a set of absolutely hilarious reviews from some attention whore on who thinks I or anyone else gives a single flying fuck about his opinions.

I refuse to listen to anyone who has nothing to say. I will pay attention to those comments that have a modicum of intellectual underpinning.  So I’ll address the few things he brought up that he clearly misunderstood.

1) Shepard is lesbian:  Shepard spent her youth being sexually abused by males. She is bi-sexual and probably was that way at birth, but the events she went through in her early life shaped her as well. I am fully aware that rape does not one make someone a lesbian. However, it will make a person with bisexual tendencies more likely to pursue female rather than male relationships.

2) Hilarious lack of information on the military:  I’m a functional paranoid and they let me in. The military (especially in times of war and when recruiting is low) has very low standards for entry. That’s why we have so many issues today with rape, abuses, drug abuse, etc.  As to the PT part, there are women TODAY who can do that workout, you idiot.

3) Rape charges: Shepard was (and is) dysfunctional on several levels. Psychologically speaking she was trying to perform role based reclamation, which is unhealthy but hardly unusual for victims of abuse.

I remain amused at the number of people thinking the fact that they can hold an opinion means anyone else is entitled to bother to listen to it, especially when it’s riddled with racist, sexist, bigoted overtones.

And of course, he/she/it calls me out on Christianity, basically saying I can’t be a Christian if I don’t act like the fucking Westboro Baptist Church.

Moar delays

I’ve made progress on all three stories, but nothing ready to publish. Work continues to be nightmarish, as contracts we put on hold for end of year now have to be brought online. Since this is my first year at Blue Cross, I wasn’t expecting a second rush.

Also, my mother’s had some eye surgery needed, so I’ve been tied up with that.

That being said I should have some progress to show this month, at least on OSABC.

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