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6000 words into the next TWCD chapter. 94 repeats of “Indestructible”. No back pain at the moment.

Shit, my beloved readers, is about to get beyond real.

Because, really, no one wants to see another boring ass fight we know Shepard will win. You want to see chaos.

Garrus: “This is the worst plan ever devised, even without the part where you do the driving, Sheep.”

Requests to join the Editing Gang (Edit rights on TWCD Beta Draft)

PLEASE email me at or BEFORE you request editing rights.

Twice now I’ve had people I have no idea of the identities of request access to edit, and when I email them back to ask who they are, the emails bounce. I am NOT letting just anyone join — you either have to have an, AO3, or Dark Lord Potter account.


Help me get this crap fixed.

I have a number of people who’ve often left reviews or PMs catching minor or stupid typos or missing words on my part. Other people have read sections of the work that are not up to snuff, or had ideas I wish I could have utilized.

Normally, I prefer to keep most of my work hidden, since spoilers. But some people like the idea of helping, so in the furtherance of that:

The above link will allow you to edit (and view, duh) the current draft of the chapter I’m working on. The link will remain, but once I publish I’ll blank the page until I have the next one ready.

I’ll probably push this one out later on tonight. I’m still editing one piece I need to post.