6000 words into the next TWCD chapter. 94 repeats of “Indestructible”. No back pain at the moment.

Shit, my beloved readers, is about to get beyond real.

Because, really, no one wants to see another boring ass fight we know Shepard will win. You want to see chaos.

Garrus: “This is the worst plan ever devised, even without the part where you do the driving, Sheep.”

4 thoughts on “6000 words into the next TWCD chapter. 94 repeats of “Indestructible”. No back pain at the moment.”

  1. Great to hear that your back’s better, at least for the moment, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it stays that way and more or less patiently wait for the next chapter :}

  2. I’m glad you’re feeling better.

    Also I had another look at the biotic documentation and found the entry on the Shift guy. Zipping around and flaying people, he sounds quite dangerous.

  3. That’s great news. I hope your back remains pain-free and your overall health condition improves.

    Shepard to Garrus: “Stop whining and get your rifle. I’m noticing an absence of head-goes-splat land marks, Vakarian. Start doing your job and trust me – I got this.”

    His mandibles twitched: “You said the same thing right before we made planetfall on Cerberus HQ and we ended up fringe deep in thresher maws, Sheep.”

    Shepard threw her arms up: “Everyone’s a critic.” She narrowed her eyes at him and stalked over to Garrus. “Start killing, Vakarian.” She poked him in the chest plate of his armor with a finger and flashed him wolfish smile. “Or have your plates gone soft without me around?”

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