Need some feedback : Encyclopedia Biotica and ME 2 Piece

I’ve been thinking it’s time to seriously overhaul and expand this thing. Break out each of the five ‘schools’ into more detailed explanations, create more information how biotic powers can be blended, how biotic explosions work, and more biotic and anti-biotic technology.

I’m interested in what YOU want to see in the Encyclopedia. After all if you bother to follow this place you are part of the team that helps OSABC grow.

Or should I focus on finishing ATTWN?

SECOND BIG QUESTION:  I’ve put a poll up on my profile at (which is not showing, but eventually will) about possible names for the ME2 piece.

The choices are :

That Which Cannot Die
Lost Innocence
The Sexual Adventures of Shepard With Naked Thane (only Progman should select this one)

Let me know which one you like.


9 thoughts on “Need some feedback : Encyclopedia Biotica and ME 2 Piece”

  1. I’d focus on finishing up ATTWN unless there are going to be things being done that would necessitate the adding of background information, in which case sure, start updating your lore on Biotics and such.

  2. I would suggest finishing ATTWN. unless , as mentioned by a fellow reader above, that there is something in the overhaul that would provide necessary background for the story. For the story titles, i’m going with Revengance. I am going on the assumption that the story would revolve around Liara, maybe still seeking revenge and veangance for shepard’s death. LOL. i really like how you make liara sort of darkish after her lost and am interested in seeing how it goes. Also, i assume, Shepard will be coming back and will want her revenge for her death, and so the title revengance. Sorry, not the best argument there but yea…I would however choose Lost Innocence, if the story revolved around Liara and her doing some…unsavory things…i.e Shadow Broker-ish stuff. as she would have lost her “innocence”. Also would choose that if the story had a focus on Garrus in Omega. He would lose his naivety that he could actually make much that much of a difference. And begin to feel bitter after losing his team. Of course when Shep’s back in the game, he gets back up and joins her. So yes, there are my arguments. Sorry if they weren’t particularly enlightening.

  3. I’d rather see ATTWN finished before attempting to expand upon Encyclopedia biotica. Of the things I would like to see are the anecdotes from times gone by and maybe some pertaining to human biotics. Accounts of things done, attempted. Successes and failures.
    Maybe an essay on anti-biotcs tactics.
    Oh yeah, one more thing: krogan biotics, how they stack up against the rest of the blue sparkle club.

  4. Finish ATTWN first before expanding the background of the story. As for encyclopaedia biotica…. I kinda want to see what biotics are like from the perspective of a Drell Remembrance Dancer or from a Krogan.

  5. While I love the documentation work, I would go for more story unless specifically needing something to understand what is happening.

    But if you do some work on that I would personally go for more strategic and technological things.

    How do anti-biotic bullets work? Or anything else anti-biotic.
    How do you defeat an class X biotic? What if there are more of them?

    But again, story > documentation.

  6. I love the documentation work. But apart from adding species perspectives, I really don’t have much to add to what you have suggested, that sounds cool.

  7. I think you should focus on… whatever you feel like writing. Not much else to say. As far as I’m concerned, anything you write is gold. Personally, though, what I want to read is the main story and the Cerberus Files. Doesn’t really matter since I’ll read anything you put out. 🙂

  8. I nerd out for this background shit, and now that you’re on to the ME2 fic, more biotic world building would be fun.

  9. I definitely want to see a section regarding anti-biotics (now that I know Jack is one). Not sure if it would be naturally occurring (prior to Teltin), but maybe discuss anti-biotic technologies and “hypothesize” about an anti-biotic person.

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