9 thoughts on “Not seeing alerts for ATTWN chapter update”

  1. I have not gotten an alert for chapter 36 of ATTWN. I also want to apologize for only leaving 5 or 6 reviews on your story’s over the years that I have been following your works. It’s fantastic but I never know what to say.

  2. I haven’t gotten an update

    This happens to me every so often that the site only sends me an update after like 24 hours or something. This shit always last different amount of times though so hopfully it’s only a day.

    my short review for chapter 35:
    holy moteroffuck……..
    The whole chapter had a big impact

    You didn’t get me to cry “sticks out tong”

  3. Yeah, I got an update for it. I also got a chapter 37 update that seems to occur whenever someone edits their story; I always got “Chapter 61” updates on one of Sharrukin’s during his rewriting of his Memoirs series whenever he would update the next chapter with his edits

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