Still writing slowly

Back is … quite a bit worse. Pain is localized sometimes to the very lower back, or sometimes travels down my right leg. When I lay down it stops, calms down when I walk to some degree. Hurts when I sit or just out of the blue. Heat and cold, TENS and massage , nothing really helps.

On 500 mg of naproxen and 300 of vicodin, which isn’t doing much but taking the edge off.

Working on the Liara piece, but I’m still having to deal with on-call stuff from work, so I doubt I’ll get it done this weekend — but I could be wrong. After Liara, should I do a back to Shepard piece, or a roundtable of some other characters (Anderson, von Grath, Delacor, etc)?

Ideas welcome. Home back pain remedies and sympathetic hugs from fangirls also welcome :p

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  1. Im on like chapter 30 of and then were none, and you are already starting me2. My advice to you, dear friend is to calm down your writing pace and relax.

  2. Man sorry to hear it has gotten that worse, 1 tablet of vicodin usually wrecks me for 3 days straight, can’t imagine feeling anything through that. Hang in there.(and exercise.)
    As for the story bits, I’d like a Shepard part more than the others for a couple of reasons, first no matter how cool von Grath is, any word spent on that dickless cryboy Delacor is infuriating at best. And if it’s possible I’d like everyone’s reactions to her reappearance to be together if possible, like in ch35 of ATTWN.(not so aloof reactions as that one, but more like people like Branson freaking out, Broker&Richard flinging various heavy ordinance through walls etc.)

  3. Personally I’d like to see a bit more of what the other characters are up to right now. Not sure who, but Von Grath is always a character I’ve liked, so that could be fun.

  4. Anderson I want to see when Sara see’s him for the first time,you so we can experience the same thing when Sara see’s it for the first time.

    Von grath and other, I again prefer to meet them again with Sara. A couple of scene with Von Grath or someone else talking to an other oc I think would be best after Sara has gotten to talk to them.

    It give’s everyone a more lay of the land before going to that step.

  5. I think I agree with liethr about her reapearence reaction scenes, that would be incredible. I will admit I am curious about what several of the characters have been up to, but maybe a chapter of what they have been doing when they become relevant to the story?
    Say, if Anderson is released(or more likely interrogated) in chapter 20 due to Shepards return, chapter 19 will be about what he’s been up to.

  6. My brain says bring on batshit!anderson and the rest of the tertiary characters. My heart longs for a look at the Normandy SR-2, and we can’t be that far away?

  7. I think I would like one or two more chapters focused on other character just so we get to see things from more viewpoints.
    Sorry to hear about your back, I wish you a speedy recovery.

  8. I’ve been curious to see how Liara, Telanya, and Aethyta have been doing since the end of ATTWN, so maybe those three first before back to Shepard for a chapter, then von Grath and Anderson?

    Also throwing in a vote for a “reactions to Shepard’s resurrection” being an entire chapter by itself, that one should be good.

  9. pg:
    “Also throwing in a vote for a “reactions to Shepard’s resurrection” being an entire chapter by itself, that one should be good.”

    Completely agree

  10. Liara and Aethyta, and Telanya… I suppose. It’d be great if we saw what’s been happening with them. And von Grath after them.

  11. I would prefer you get back to Shepard, as i’m sure all of us would, but if you feel the need to flesh out what is happening with the other characters, then i’ll leave that up to your discretion.

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