Current Condition : Update

So far, I have been told the following:

  • I have at least one, possibly two bulging discs in my lower spine
  • These have caused damage to the sciatic nerve, which is why my right leg is experiencing shooting pains and numbness
  • There may be damage to the other nerve as well
  • There is a possibility of one of the discs being herniated
  • If surgery is needed, the cost will be (with insurance) anywhere from $800 to $12,000. That’s on top of the $2,000 I’m already out due to tests, chiropractic, visits, meds, etc.

So, yay. I have to go in Tuesday for something called a Myelogram with CT Scan. Whatever that is.

At this point I have no idea how long this will take. I could get off lucky, only need endoscopic ‘adjustment’ , be done by the end of next week or the week after and back to normal. Or I could need to have the more heavy duty surgical corrections/replacements/fusions done. Ugh.

If it looks like I’ll be incapacitated for a long period of time (like months) then I’ll probably release the outline drafts of the rest of the works I have and my notes to anyone who thinks they can keep the series going. Otherwise, just pretend this is another random hiatus I’m on.

If pain allows tomorrow  (it seems to be a bit better today) I might write something.

16 thoughts on “Current Condition : Update”

  1. Well fuck

    Really shitty to hear that it is that bad man. I wish you the best with all the surgeries and I implore you to just let the chapters rest for a while. So you can start with a clear mind.

    Here’s something that will probably cheer up:

  2. I haven’t commented on your story, but I love it. Sorry to hear about your back. Nothing fun about back/leg pain. I’ll be praying for you.

  3. This blows. I mean damn, sounds like you’ll have your hands full getting yourself back in order. Get well and I hope nothing too invasive will be required to deal with your back issues.

  4. A myelogram isn’t a big deal, it’s just an older test. It’s odd that they’re giving you one in conjunction with an MRI, since it’s usually just for people with inconclusive MRIs and cat scans.

    1. You should probably prepare for surgery though. but speaking as someone who has gotten a hernia cut, it ain’t shit. They’ve got it down to a science (Heh) where they only need to make like an inch cut for the average procedure.

  5. I’d rather have you not write for 6 months then you giving the story for someone else to rush or mess up.

  6. damn, hope you’ll be okay and get better soon, a member of my familly had a herniated disc, it took a while to get better, but she managed to get back on her feet eventually, though it shouldn’t be so bad as to stop you from writing once the surgery is done.

    in regards to the story though, don’t give your notes and other work to someone else, because even though they will try and keep true to your ideas, and vision, it just won’t be your writing, i would prefer to see it on hiatus, and get your vision of your work once you back on your feet, than an interpretation of it by someone else (no offense at all intended to the hypothetical writer in question).

    one thing you could try and use if you really can’t type at all is a vocal recognition software like Dragon:
    , it will type whatever you say, it takes a while to setup (it needs to understand your speech paterns, so configuration can be tricky at the beginning), but it saves a whole lot of time.

  7. That is truly a horrible situation. I really hope this all turns out to be nothing and you can get back on your feet soon.

    In response to having others write your work if it looks like you may be out for a while, I must say I’m conflicted as to what to say and ask here.

    On the one hand, I do to some extent agree with Jenny. Your characters are your own, and while I believe that some of your most hard core fans might be able to some extent understand them as characters, I don’t think anyone other than you could write them properly. They are your characters, not ours. And as such, we simply can’t make them do the things you do.

    Your other works I’m not so clear on. On the one hand we have your documentation bits, which require a lot of research to be done properly. Next we have works like ‘Lions in Blue and Silver’ which is mostly OC’s or characters that while do exist in the games they’re pretty much your own cast.

    It is hard for me to ask this, as I do not want to make any promises I can’t keep, but if you’re willing, would you send me any outlines/ideas for works OTHER than ‘Lions in Blue and Silver’ and your OSABC stories?

    I am not nearly as smart as you are sir, and so I couldn’t do any documentation type stories. Likewise as I said I can’t write characters like Sara Shepard or your Liara properly. That said, I do believe I have a talent for writing characters that Aren’t cannon ones. As such, if you have any other stories in mind along those lines, set before, during, or after the main series, I might be able to pick up the task.

    I say ‘might’ there for a reason though. My life is also sadly busy, and I’ve really fallen behind with my own work, so I don’t want to promise too much.

    Just know I’m willing to at least lend a hand when and where I can. The story must never die!

    Please let me know what you think if you are able.

    Truly wishing you the best.

  8. I’m with jenny; don’t have anyone else write the story. A while ago you went on a year long-ish hiatus, and that was sad but ultimately fine since you picked up the story again. I’d rather wait and read your story.

  9. Well damn I’m real sorry to hear that.
    A selfish part of me want to wine about you going on another hiatus, the rest of me want to tell you to not see this as a reason to give up writing. You have real talent regardless of much credit any editor/coauthor to your stories deserves and I hope that no matter what it is something you will be able continue finding joy in.

  10. It is sad to hear that you may need to go on another long hiatus. However, you have left and come back before and i have no doubt that you can come back again. Please don’t give out your notes, it is your unique voice and vision that brings this story to life.

  11. Damn man, sorry hear about that. I’m not really into the whole prayer thing, but I will definitely be sending positive thoughts in your direction.

    As for the story, I have to agree with the others. I don’t think anyone but you can do this story justice. You’ve made these characters and this story yours, and as good as your notes and outlines may be, I don’t think anyone else could continue without it just feeling wrong. I’d rather see you go on a long hiatus and pick it back up when you feel better; or, in the event that you don’t think you’d be able to write anymore (I shudder at the very thought), even let it go unfinished. But I can understand if that were to happen you might not want to let all your prep work have been for nothing and pass it along to someone else – but I don’t think I could read it without holding the fact that they aren’t you against them just a little bit.

    Hope you start feeling better soon. You take care of yourself first, we’ll be here waiting for you when you get better.

  12. nobody could write the premiseverse better than you ever could. if it takes 6 months, fine. if it takes a year, fine. premiseverse is you, and nobody can do you better than you

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