7 thoughts on “Still down”

  1. Me, and alongside many fans of yours, are very grateful for providing this delicious AU fanfic. So, please, take as much time to recover!

    This might sound blunt, but you are writing fanfiction, and should be seen as a hobby at the very most. There is no need to break you back and risk your health for this.

  2. Well, i hope you feel better soon, how is the specialist appointments going? and well, on the bright side, you can work from home XD. Well, take care and be safe. Don’t push yourself yea. Even badasses need a rest once in a while hehe 😉 But i have 2 questions, what would shepard do if she were in your situation, and what would Ahern do if he were in your situation? XD

  3. Again, I hope you feel better soon and that the rest of your life is going alright. Take it easy and don’t worry about anything else right now except your own health. That’s the most important thing.

  4. Sorry your still down, if your looking at surgery then check out endoscopic procedures before you have them cut you open. In most cases it does the same thing but instead of a 3-5in. Scar and a year of recovery, they poke a hole in your back and you walk out a little stiff. Works great in almost all cases and if not then you can always get cut open after. Hope you can get on your feet soon and keep up the great work. I’m looking forward to were this runaway train goes!

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