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I’m apparently going to need to see an additional specialist. The little outpatient surgery thing went fine, but didn’t actually reduce any of the nerve pain, just the lower back pain.

Right now my focus is on getting things at work into some semblance of order. I’ll fiddle with little bits of the story but no idea when the next  piece comes out.

Nor am I sure if more intensive surgical stuff will be needed until I meet the specialist, and I don’t have dates for that yet.

In other news, I’m kinda sleepy. Between the 10’s for Vicodin, damn near 1700 mg of naproxen a day, these muscle relaxants, and the stuff they shot me up with, I’m just not very alert or focused.

As far as TWCD goes…

There’s a branch point I’m thinking of. Whether to delve into Shepard psychology and past with chambers, or move straight into the action and the Rise of the Butcher. Tempted to simply close out Arc I and get the action going, but I’m not sure the framework of how Shepard is reacting is set up properly.

Also not sure if the above sentence makes sense. Drugs, lol. Thoughts would be appreciated.


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  1. Why not both?

    lets say the last chapter of Arch 1 is the first session between chambers and Sara, maybe more depending on how deep you want to go. It also gives Sara time to reflect on what Chambers and her talked about. The only problem I can see with this approach is it’s being clustered with too much. On the other hand if you do the “session chapters” after each continuisly Sara won’t have a moment to breath and think. You could say she can go to her room (god that sounds bad with Sara) to think, but processing doesn’t always happen when your sitting on your ass.

    So like this:
    Prep > Session 1 > Omega > Session 2 > ? > Session 3 >
    Prep > Session 1 > TTTAS> Session 2 >TTTAS > Session 3
    etc etc

    time to think about shit

    It also gives Sara the chance to talk about her shit with someone she trust completely “cough, Garrus, cough”.
    I know Garrus might not be the perfect person to talk to for Sara but there are other candidates.

    I do hope your health will improve with the surgery when that happens.



  2. Aw man, hoped to see a much better status update from surgery situation, hopefully the next specialist can handle the things much more definitively 🙂 Get well soon.
    As for the direction, I think delving into Shepard’s past with Chambers can be done in the breaks between the action as I don’t think ME2 is going to be nearly as fast paced as ME1 in your universe, bits about intel reports from Harper etc. indicated such.
    If they are going to revisit the base to go over the things they’ve learned & refitting their ships etc. every now and then, sessions with Chambers wouldn’t be out of the question.
    So I’d prefer the Rise of the Butcher if it’s a choice between the two, but ultimately you should be the judge.
    Btw I diagnosed your situation from half a world away; stop doing this and you should be fine:
    Take care of yourself.

  3. I really doubt Sara would want to talk things out, she hates shrinks, when she could be out fighting or training. I guess it depends on whether or not someone can talk her into approving of therapy.

  4. Kind of agreeing with NPC here, but perhaps you could replace Chambers with Miranda? Given the relationship you appear to be building with them, that’s a possibility.

    I’m very much interested into diving into the depths of Sara’s psyche, but seeing as how this introduction has been lots of infodumps, that may not be the best idea for the readers.

    Honestly, just focus on not straining yourself for us (or anybody) and get better soon.

  5. How about 1 for 1 – one chapter with the Rise of the Butcher theme and then a session with chambers followed by another RotB and then another session.

    We need some pace and peace from looking into Shepard’s head.

  6. I agree with most previous comment and say alternative the two. Maybe start with a session since I agree Shepards handling of everything doesn’t seem quite right.
    My best wishes for your health issues.

  7. I hope that you can see that specialist soon and clear up your health issues with your back. I am unfortunately not caught up (I plan on fixing that this weekend) so it might not be the best advice, but personally I always love the scenes where you have characters reflect on things, be it their past experiences, their present emotions, or their future decisions.

    In my mind, it’s really hard to have too much character development, and really it is needed to fully flesh out Sara and show how coming back from the dead might do to someone. Bioware never really did this, so it’s a great opportunity to show us once again how much more awesome you are!

    Take care of yourself. Wishing you the best.


  8. I honestly think her seeing Chambers, despite her hating shrinks, may make some sense.

    Something that kind of ticked me off about the whole resurrection thing is that everyone keeps tossing that two year number at you, but for all intents and purposes you are never given that feeling that two years went by.

    But that isn’t my point, the fact is Shepard never calls anyone on that, Liara when she tries to not hook back up with you brings up how she’s had two years to mourn you. Shepard never brings up the fact that to them it is probably more like two months.

    That being said I can’t see Sara being in a room with chambers for more than thirty minutes before people are picking bits of floozy off the wall.

    Best of luck with the health issues.

  9. Sorry to hear about your health. Can only hope for a swift recovery.

    As per your story, as long as it remains relevant I don’t see how a chapter or a few of Kelly getting to know Shepard could hurt.

    I think everybody that follows your story is eager to get into the action, however establishing where Shepard is mentally before flying off would be helpful depending on what it is you plan on doing.

    It could also be saved for intermediary chapters though like how the news programs were used in the first OSABC.

  10. Dude, what on Earth did you do to your poor back? It sounds like you played football with a Krogan or something.

    Seriously though, feel better.

    As for the next bit of the story, I’d actually love to see Shepard struggle with it, but admit to herself she needs help, because that would actually be significant progress for her, and she was already moving in that direction prior to her death, and two, I’d really love to just see her and Chambers going back and forth.

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