Recovering slowly

I am now at least able to work again, for the most part. I have a big backlog of PM’s and emails to reply to, but I thank everyone for their well wishes and support 🙂

Today’s thought designed to break your mind:   , specifically the part about BLIT ( is relevant in terms of my version of the Reapers.

6 thoughts on “Recovering slowly”

  1. The BLIT idea appears to be a variant on some Lovecraftian concepts – especially the Book of the Yellow King. Lovecraft’s made reference to it several times; it was a play that, if read, plunged the reader into madness. Technically, it was originally come up with by Robert W. Chambers, in his book “The King in Yellow,” and Lovecraft’s just made frequent reference to it. But the idea – that there are some things which trip a flaw in the human mind and lead to meltdown – is a common Lovecraftian trope. If you’re interested in carrying things in that direction, you might find this interesting as well; Mass effect contains a reference to The King in Yellow, in the form of the planet Carcosa – the name and the description of the planet are both references to Chambers’ work.

  2. It’s great to hear from you and even better that you’re on the mend.

    Read through the links you provided and I find the idea novel and intriguing. Though I’m slightly lost about the BLIT, unless it’s used in indoctrination?

  3. You may not have broken my mind by posting that first link but it sure as hell made me thinking wierd thoughts.
    By the way doesn’t Shepard basically become transhuman in your universe?

  4. Truly glad to hear you are getting better.

    I always like these Lovecraftien horror themes in your work and I always find them to be some of the best parts. Very interesting is all I really can say here.

    Take care.

  5. Very happy to hear you’re feeling better! Best wishes that you continue to improve!

    Before I started reading OSABC I had only heard of Lovecraft, never read any of his stuff. I still haven’t, though I aim to change that soon, but I have done some research on him so I could better understand some of your references. It’s interesting stuff, and another positive I take away from your writing, besides the writing itself of course.

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