Updates to Cerberus Files

UPDATE: NPC200 saved this chapter. I am merely a moron.

Through my own stupidity, when I was recreating the Cerberus Files, I seem to have deleted my chapter on Batarian Psychology.

And I have no backups.

It will probably be some time before I get around to doing the batarians, as they were pretty depressing to write about. I may restart from scratch with the quarians, with the time frame sometime after Shepard’s death and before her resurrection, and then the krogan, and get back to the batarians at a later date and incorporate the changes from TWCD.

I will be doing at least the outlining of the Cerberus Files : Black Ops soon, covering the Nightwind, the Deathwatch, the Group of Zero, and maybe the Rememberance Dancers and the Volus Defense Force. I particularly want to write up the sort of shit the asari and turians are doing since I’ve only hammered away at how fucked the SA is, and — no shit — they’re not the worst things going on.

I am also reluctantly beginning to think the Elcor are also not dirty. Someone convince me why I am wrong 😀