Updates to Cerberus Files

UPDATE: NPC200 saved this chapter. I am merely a moron.

Through my own stupidity, when I was recreating the Cerberus Files, I seem to have deleted my chapter on Batarian Psychology.

And I have no backups.

It will probably be some time before I get around to doing the batarians, as they were pretty depressing to write about. I may restart from scratch with the quarians, with the time frame sometime after Shepard’s death and before her resurrection, and then the krogan, and get back to the batarians at a later date and incorporate the changes from TWCD.

I will be doing at least the outlining of the Cerberus Files : Black Ops soon, covering the Nightwind, the Deathwatch, the Group of Zero, and maybe the Rememberance Dancers and the Volus Defense Force. I particularly want to write up the sort of shit the asari and turians are doing since I’ve only hammered away at how fucked the SA is, and — no shit — they’re not the worst things going on.

I am also reluctantly beginning to think the Elcor are also not dirty. Someone convince me why I am wrong 😀

2 thoughts on “Updates to Cerberus Files”

  1. Sinisterly: You know not what you are speaking of.

    Seriously though, pity about the deleted chapter. but I’m waiting to see what the hanar’s been doing. They must have done something to piss off the SA, given the rating they got in one of the files.

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