Another 12.5k chapter just hit the Editing Gang’s desk.

If you thought part one was bloody and messy….hee.

Depending on how many E-gangers show up tonight, this bad boy probably won’t be ready until Saturday morning. Something cool to read while you eat breakfast maybe. But it might come out tonight.

I am going to collapse into a painball until my back relaxes.

2 thoughts on “Another 12.5k chapter just hit the Editing Gang’s desk.”

  1. Dude, seriously, don’t push yourself.
    Your chapters generally tide over people for a week. Make a schedule and create a back log of chapters to post if the back acts up at some point.

  2. I am again simply amazed at your writing speed, and as Legendary Junk mail has said, a bit worried. If your back is working up again, please make sure you get proper rest and whatnot. Is it wrong or creepy of me to say I seriously worry for your health at times?

    If it is, I am sorry. Never really did got a good idea of what’s appropriate and what isn’t to say online when it comes to these things.

    In any case, thank you again for all your hard work. I will read and review your latest updates as soon as time allows. Take care.

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