Current State of the Premiseverse

My fellow (insert your nationality here), the only thing we have to fear…is Conrad Verner.

HEALTH: Additional problems with the herniated/bulging disc in the spine. Surgery does not always fix the core problem that caused it to herniate in the beginning. Right now, sitting for long periods of time tends to aggrivate it, and given my IT job, by the time I get done with work I am usually not in a good place to try to sit down and write. I am going to a chiropractor (one who is shorn of idiotic bullshiat like homopathy and goddamned reiki) which has reduced some of the issues, but I may not be back up to full condition for another week or two.

I may (or may not) feel like writing short pieces in Memories, One Single Raindrop, or Lions in Blue and Silver — work is also pretty hectic.

PERSONAL CRAP: My mother gets final analysis done today on whether or not the lung cancer has been blasted into remission (four weeks of chemo and seven of radiation, we can only hope). Obviously how I end up spending the next several months hinges on whether or not she’s healthy or will need to endure more chemo or possibly surgery. I will admit it has been distracting me (along with the back pain) and if she’s healthy I will have a much clearer head.

If not, I don’t know what will go down. While I make a good amount of money, the costs so far have driven me to almost $15,000 on the credit cards with only about $6,000 in the bank. I still have car payments, bills, insurance and my own medical costs to deal with. If I have to start cutting costs or taking a second job that will obviously preclude much more writing.

FAMILY: My family members in France are, for the moment, safe. My cousin was actually going to go to the Eagles of Death Metal show before he sprained his ankle — he might have died if he had gone as planned. Given the insecurity some of them are feeling some have called me to crash in the United States for a while — another distraction.

THE WORK ITSELF: TWCD is going well enough — it has already surpassed ATTWN in reviews, even though it is 100k words shorter at the moment.  I have most of the Omega chapters at least outlined, as well as the sections after that.

I have made no progress on any of the documentation works (Cerberus Files, Biotic Encyc, STG Files) because of no time to do any research.

No Single Raindrop, Lions in Blue and Silver, and Memories we Forget to Remember have chapters partially done but no serious work finished on them.


I wouldn’t expect much out of me this week, as I am hoping rest and ice and chiropractic adjustment to the region will calm things down. I am also on-call this week for work, which means I don’t have a lot of time to sit back and write.

Now that you have listened to a bunch of shit no one cares about, here’s what I need from you:

Two questions.

  1. I have an artist who can do portraits of various OCs — which five do you think should be done first? EX: Dragunov, Cole, Sedanya, Pel, Kyle
  2. I’m looking for anyone interested in overhauling and polishing up the full text of OSABC I and ATTWN on AO3.

7 thoughts on “Current State of the Premiseverse”

  1. I wish I could offer more than words but I cannot so I will just say that I wish you luck with everything.
    As for the portraits I think I would like a picture of Pel.

  2. I hope you and your mother get better, and I never thought I would say someone was lucky to sprain an ankle.

    1) I would say Tetrimus, Sedanya, Pel, and beyond those three I can’t really decide.

    2) I could error-check the stories but it would take me forever, so it would probably be better to pick someone else.

  3. I can not say how thankful I am that your cousin didn’t go to that concert. Amazing how the small things end up saving us at times huh?

    I truly hope that your mother will be in good health, and that your back gets better.

    I would like to cast my vote for Sedanya first, as she is the one I like the most out of those characters.

    As for editing, I do not have an AO3 account, but I could get one I suppose. It would take an EXTREMELY long time for me to get everything looked over, I think you are aware of how piss poor an editor I myself am, my work is still busy as ever, and I’m behind on my own projects though.

    Note that I’m still willing to under take this task. I just think you may be better suited finding another before giving me the assignment.

    Again, I truly hope things go well for you and your family. You all are in my thoughts.

    Take care.

  4. Sorry to hear about you’re back trouble, happy to hear your mom doesn’t have cancer anymore.

    1. Pel
    2. Sorry, I barely have the time to help editing at this point because of school.

  5. All I can do is offer my well wishes. It saddens me to hear about your recurring health issues and I can only hope you’ll return to full health.

    Beatrice, Dragunov, Pelham, Richard Williams, P.

  6. Hell dude, I hope you feel better soon!

    For the fan art, it would be awesome to see Sheps marine squad, past, present, etc. Maybe a portrait of both of the Coles.

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