Double Update : STG File on Okeer and new chapter of TWCD

None can match my writing speed.

A few people have commented how sad it is that Okeer was not recruitable by Shepard, given how much more I have augmented the character. I gave this some long, hard thinking, but ultimately decided he had to die.

Okeer would have been more than happy to sell out the galaxy for even a chance to become a Reaper. Honestly, the idea would have appealed to him.  He would not care about the costs — to live eternally as a god, to be able to control the totally of the krogan race, to experiment with entire galactic societies, and ultimately to fight some unknown, all-powerful force to see who was the strongest?

Yeah, no.

Interested in thoughts on the chapter and the STG file.

3 thoughts on “Double Update : STG File on Okeer and new chapter of TWCD”

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed both updates. Sad to see okeer go. You did such a good job of making him fun. Of course he had to catch a butt whooping but man, as a villain, hes a trip. Definitely brought a unique angle to the story.

    TWCD got really dark, especially the Aria bit, but was balanced out well with a few laughs with the council and Mordin. I’m seriously looking forward to more of Mordin in the future. Also nice to see Aria flushed out more.

    Putting out that much quality in such a short span is damn impressive. It feels like Christmas.

  2. Said it before, saying it again, you made Okeer into Doctor Doom. Now all you need is for the universe to collapse into a singularity and Okeer to somehow come vack to life as a god.

    And no, no one can match your writing speed you lunatic.

  3. Damn I love OSABC, curious about how Shepard will react to Aria and all she had done to Liara and Athyna, I imagine that she will have a ‘Butcher moment’ or something.
    Would like to see some more Jeff/Tali moments, I think that you did a great job at creating their pairing.
    Can’t wait for the next chapter, keep up the excellent work!

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