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My personal situation is not exactly getting better, as since I make just enough to not qualify for any kind of subsidies, the cost of insurance, prescriptions and just basic living is eating at my savings.

Thus a lot of the highly disposable income I once had is not so disposable anymore. That means, for all of 2015, I will probably only commission one artwork (either from Armesan or NikitaStewart)

It’s a toss up between three choices:

1) The Wedding of Sara and Liara and the Processional of Blades

2) The Final Moment of Benezia

3) A series of colorless sketches for Dragunov, Branson, Tetrimus, and other characters.


Interested in people’s thoughts.

7 thoughts on “Artwork Suggestions”

  1. Would definitely like the assorted sketches of the various side characters. As nice as the other things would be, i’d like to get a visual representation of people we haven’t seen yet so I can better imagine them when i’m reading.

  2. Benezia. Without a doubt. She was the main antagonist of the first story and in some ways I feel sad for her (despite my interpretation of her character not being too forgiving). The wedding is a close second.

  3. ToLazy4Name does have a point on the whole not knowing really how the minor characters look like. I can imagine a hell of a lot but nothing beats a picture.

    That being said, I would probably prefer the wedding,

  4. OSABC ch106 has actor suggestions for minor characters, helped me visualize them at least, maybe update that list sometime with president windsor&maxwell manswell? as for the artwork I would prefer the wedding of course. (and something else which I’ll suggest in my review for new chapters I think.)

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