Finally, the new chapter

So, the good news: the new chapter is with the Editing Gang and should be out by next weekend (unless a rewrite is needed.)

Bad news: As it stands, it ends on a cliffhanger.

I need to write the Shepard-Liara scene, but I want to do it the right way, since it is going to be a critical thing. And as I may have pointed out before I am not a female so I want advice and feedback on how to proceed before I do so.

The semi-good news is I will try to have that chapter done before Christmas. We’ll see.

8 thoughts on “Finally, the new chapter”

    1. @ John – It may be a while before the chapter is out. His workplace has people working 14 hour shifts or worse this month.

      1. Okay! Just making sure that he was okay. Radio silence for a while made me concerned for his well-being.

        Absolutely no rush intended.

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