Various ranting

A summary of things I didn’t like in canon Me that has been … fixed. Someone told me I was arrogant in thinking I could write better than Bioware. Buddy, at this point, I’m not even having to TRY very hard, given my competition is a comic that everyone I know thought was the dumbest shit since Daikatana.

First, the Alliance not finding the wreckage of the Normandy for two plus years. How in shit is this even possible? Who in hell picked up the life pods?  Fixed.

The goofy comic resolution of how Cerberus got a hold of Shepard’s body. Being fixed.

Feron being replaced with Shields. Fixed. C’mon, really? I read that comic three times and aside from gratuitous ass shots of Liara at every panel, not one word in six made any sense. I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, the only good thing in that train wreck was Tazzik.

Fourth, all of ATTWN gave people a reason to care. A reason for Liara to take a risk on trusting TIM.  A reason for the Alliance not to recover the body on their own. A reason for Liara to go batshit insane, Joker and Tali to go batshit depressed, and Garrus to just go…batman.

Fifth, some kind of explanation for why in the HELL the Broker would have or could have gotten a hold of Shepard  — or how , for that matter, the Normandy could have been blown up.

Sixth, Ahern and von Grath pimpage.

Seventh, a framework around how my version of ME2 starts. For reasons that will soon become clear, this mess with Shepard will still get blamed on the geth, and the geth are not the pushovers they were in ME2. It will be war, lots and lots of ships will be built, and the galaxy will be about four or five times as strong as they were by the time even Canon ME2 rolls around, much less ME3.

I’m aware that some spelling, grammar and other mistakes and issues remain. Hell, I haven’t finished editing up OSABC yet and I’m in sight of the end of ATTWN.

But eventually I’ll burn out again, and then I can edit. For now, enjoy the update pace and forget canon. I hope you enjoy the ride.

Unrestrained giggling

Oh, Shepard honey, I’mma kill you so hard.

The absolute best part of writing this fic has to be drawing together all the lines and plots so that it is conceivable that no one could see what is happening without an omniscient view, without it becoming some kind of uber-conspiracy.

The second best part is the slow realization that if Shepard died bad in canon, there is no telling what kinds of atrocity will be inflicted on her in the Premiseverse.

It’s coming, dear readers. And it’s going to be bad. My goal in the next segment of chapters is to reduce even Progman to crying.