Maximum Trolling has now been reached.

If you really want to scare the shit out of yourself :

  • Re-read carefully all the Beacon Sequences in OSABC
  • Re-read the end of ATTWN, with Tetrimus
  • Read the Hanar Figures of Note Chapter

Then go read chapter five of Fear Unrelenting.

The answers are out there.


6 thoughts on “Maximum Trolling has now been reached.”

  1. I’m already convinced the hanar are going to pull a big fucking “I am firing my laser scene” firing through the citadel forces at the Reapers, using the citadel fleet as a bloody meatshield.

  2. Either the Inusannon are trolling us in real-life now too. Or its time to head for the hills aka space-hole inside a hydron-collider.

  3. Some existentially terrifying stuff. Nothing like some good Lovecraftian horror beyond comprehension to brighten up the day.

    1. The Darkness would be either a very very high type IV or very low Type V, and what they fear — the Outsider…is pretty much off the damned scale. The thing eats realities for food.

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