One thought on “Lions in Blue and Silver updated (finally)”

  1. Yes. That was awesome.
    And that scene with Florez and Ahern. Dawww.

    Kahlee still sucks though. Which is criminal! I’m petitioning you make her shine in the next chapter. (Her brief stint as a interpreter between Anderson and Ahern was a good effort and made me smile but we need something more impressive.)

    Right now she’s just there… in the background. Looking pretty and being crowded by a all-male cheerleader murder squad. I mean, there’s nothing wrong in being surrounded by beefcakes, and I’m sure her self-esteem isn’t suffering from having two men ready to come to blows over her. But.

    Nice showing from Michael Shepard. Seems decent sort. Moral from the story: Drugs are bad. M’kay?

    I’m gonna go and re-read it again.

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