4 thoughts on “New Chapter Tomorrow”

  1. Damn, you are just on fire lately aren’t you?

    Sorry I haven’t updated much recently, work has kept me busy. I’ll try to correct that soon.

  2. Ahern cursing is never a bad thing. On another note, did you delete the two chapters or whatever that you had of the pre-OSABC about Rael’Zorah and his pilgrimige and such? The chapter on him in the oneshot series made his character actually sound interesting, which is a change of pace from everything we saw of him in OSABC proper.

    Either way, thanks for the update spree.

    1. No, they’re still on FF.net — in the menu they are under the “Other Works” section, OSABC: Memories. I probably won’t get back to it, but there’s an outline of the entire story on the FF.net forums I have somewhere.

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