Some Changes, Additions, whatever

I’ve added the ability for people to register with the site, as well as a simple forum for asking direct questions.

I’ve put out the latest chapter, for reasons described in the authors note. Going forward I will send out a list of who besides Liethr will have editing rights to the document and put it out two days before I submit it to

Anyone who is familiar with how to transfer documents from to AO3 should comment.

As an aside, I’ve strongly upgraded the security of the site, but I always implore anyone who registers anywhere online to use a password other than the one they use for banking or other important websites.

One thought on “Some Changes, Additions, whatever”

  1. In regards to AO3 importing, unfortunately unlike every other site you can’t just pop in the URL’s and have AO3 automatically transfer, because FF.Net blocks the traffic.

    You’re pretty much stuck uploading every chapter you’ve done manually into their site, and man that is going to be a hassle for you.

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