6 thoughts on “Open Question: does the Premiseverse need a wiki?”

  1. Uhm, yes, I would think that is a good idea.

    The big reason being is simply you have A LOT of stuff concerning your universe and frankly i wouldn’t be surprised if you have more documentation then the offical ME wiki has.

  2. Yes. It would help yourself and others access the information that you have in your documentation stories a lot more easily. Plus, it’s just easier to read.

  3. yes I think it would be easier to navigate and gives justification to provide unbiased documentary without the constraits imposed by story requirements.

  4. No, simply because i’d prefer more time being spent on the actual stories than the background information.

    If there’s anything that absolutely NEEDS to be explained, then you can add it into one of your multiple side fics that are there for background info.

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