4 thoughts on “Military Strength”

    1. I agree. Seems like Garrus went #FullTetrimus 😀
      (stats seem overblown as well it seems Garrus will too have fun with lots of electronics and metal in his body, but we’ll see (when I finally get to reading and reviewing again -.-))

      Otherwise the charts seem OK to me. While some seem overpowered (others beyond that) they all have their weaknesses : )

      1. You’re alive!!!

        Let me know when you have time to at least do a point to point review of No Single Drop, as I use your feedback to make sure all the points I’m trying to make are actually coming across.

        1. Yeah, sometimes^^

          Most likely on the coming weekend. Will also try to finally finish the Turians. I have such a backlog on chapters & stories, its scary to dig into it again. Thankfully some vacation is “near”!

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