Updates to OSABC: Now done through chapter eleven

In particular, you may want to take a look at Shepard’s personnel record again — more stuff has been un-redacted.

A new chapter of ATTWN may be ready,  but it depends on when Progman has time in his schedule to look it over. I will instead be pushing out new chapters in the Cerberus Files.

2 thoughts on “Updates to OSABC: Now done through chapter eleven”

  1. You sure about un-redacting things in Shepard’s personnel file(Chapter 11)?
    New readers will get more information than people who read it before this change from the beginning and I really liked that some information was unavailable until I read part of the story where it’s revealed : )

    Also Typo “A/N : remastered on 11-27-14. Some very significant changes. ”
    Unless you come from the future I think you meant October instead of November : D

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