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  1. This is a very interesting video and clarified certain things for me. Thank you for that. To be honest, when you stated that the worldbuilding shouldn’t be too meticulous, so that the writing down the road wouldn’t be constricted, I was stumped at first, because your Cerberus-Files are some of the most expansive worldbuilding ‘documentations’ I’ve come across in any fiction. If I exclude roleplaying books that is, but they are often a chore to read through.

    Perhaps I’m just groping in the dark here, but I get the impression that the format of your Cerberus Files allowed you to have your cake and eat it. On the one hand a lot of expansion and contextualization for the various races including the System Alliance(with a ton of content). But at the same time it repeatedly hammered home that whoever was writing the File of the Day, be it Trellani, Minsta, the Odd Couple or my favorite Rasa, none of them has the whole truth and none of them ever claim to possess it. The rebuttal and counter-rebuttal between Minsta and Trellani with the Asari documents, Pel mocking Minsta on not getting the ‘military shit’. All this worldbuilding we are reading could be invalidated anytime in the main story, because every file clarified the methods of how the in universe character arrived at their conclusions. And these methods are always flawed, just like RL historical research.

  2. So…. Correct me if it all ready exists, but will we ever get a Collection/Compilation/Documentary on the Days of Iron? I find it to be incredibly interesting to read about, even if it is simply a backhanded mention.
    Also, I apologize if I sound like a needy Shit, But will you be continuing “Lions In Silver And Blue”? If so, do you have a timeframe? Something from the perspective of Tradius McBadass and his team of Merry Mad-Fuckers is something that has been hyped for a hot Minute and it would be awesome to see a follow through.

    Thank You For Your Work!

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