OSABC Rewrites now up to chapter 38.

In case you didn’t know, the Editing Gang has slowly and carefully been helping me fix my abuse of punctuation and eliminate derp assisting me in rewriting the original OSABC.

We’re up to chapter 38 now (32: Shepard and Liara). There is a thread on the forums that will usually cover any major structural changes.

TWCD still being worked on by the Editing Gang as well, with a planned ETA of late Sunday evening for publication. The chapter after that will probably be out before the heat death of the universe.

5 thoughts on “OSABC Rewrites now up to chapter 38.”

  1. hey i’m in the middle of rereading the entire series and sorry to say it but i have both a question and a request.
    for the question it’s about Aria and Liselle.
    will Liselle play a part in the story at all? i would really like it if she did actually. it’s a tragic story she has but since Kai Leng isn’t the evil dick hi is in the trilogy i’m curious what will happen to her and what her part in all this will be. And i’ve always loved the kinda sort of relationship that shepard has with Aria and i know that it wouldn’t really make sense at all but will something like that happen??

    and as for the request. in chapter 105 Tevos thinks about Irrissa Te’Shora and that she is besotted with Khalisah Bint Sinan al-Jilani and i would really really love to se that in a chapter or a oneshot or anything. seriously anything that lets us se how that would play out
    thanks and good work as always

    1. Lisselle actually plays a rather large part in the ME3 book. Kai Leng certainly does not kill her. Unless I change something she survives ME3 (not sure about my ME4 piece).

      The idea about extending the relationship between Iressa and Khalisah is a good one, I will try to incorporate that into the re-write!

      Aria and Shepard will have at best a rather… tense… interaction, given how Shepard blames her for Liara’s turn to darkness. Lisselle plays a more interesting role there.

  2. thank you my friend you have made my day.
    i’ve always liked Liselle. don’t know why. it’s hard to find anything on her though, there isn’t even a picture. kinda imagine her as a mix of Aria and Aleena.
    and a follow up question. what kind of relationship will Aria have with Liara? they are together during the invasion of Thessia and i find it hard to believe that they arrived separately so that would mean they came together.
    what kind of growth will Aria have during and after the events of ME3 has happened? after the death of Thana?
    i’m full of questions. i’m probably in love with the idea of Uressa and even when i’m not reading your stuff it’s on my mind more or less every day

  3. question:
    will Liselle meet her grandmother? and in the flashback to torfan it is mentioned that a batarian female pleads for her child but after reading up on the in the cerberus files and the mental age of the females it doesn’t really make sense to me. someone with the mentality of a child shouldn’t have a real concept of death. did i miss something?

    1. Yes, you’re working from a false assumption, that children can’t have a real concept of death. They most definitely can.

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