Next chapter is with the Editing Gang

The one after that shouldn’t take too long… (crosses fingers).

I’d also like to remind people I’m really not that interested in different pairings for Shepard… got three PM’s and two emails about that since the last chapter. While I love feedback, it should be towards things that actually need changing.

6 thoughts on “Next chapter is with the Editing Gang”

  1. I’m guessing most of the requests for ‘another pairing’ are from people who assume that things are going to go the way they did in Mass Effect 2 canon, or are seeing interactions between Shepard and Jack or Kelly or Miranda or Garrus that aren’t there.

    And these requests completely ignore Shepard’s emotional and psychological situation.

  2. One thing that I really like about your reworking of the Mass Effect story is the way you’re adding tension to the story.

    There’s no doubt that Shepard is going to take down the Collectors. We even know from other stories and things you’ve posted, that Shepard and Liara are going to be around for a long, long time. You’d think that would take the tension out of the story.

    Not here. Here, I’m still wondering how they’re going to do it. Who will survive? What will the consequences be? How are the High Lords going to get their teeth kicked in? Will D’Alte and Jiong ever get free? Will the Commissariat get exposed for the hellish thing that it is? What will happen.. no, wait, we know what happens to the Thirty. And even if Uressa is just the latest in the long trolling of the Asari by the Inusannon and the Protheans… it’s still a damn shame.

    I can tell you’re setting the old order up to be ripped apart with the Reapers as the *ahem* catalyst of change, but the tension and the questions are still there in a way that they never were in the game.

  3. Its weirdly refreshing to have an entire chapter focused on the secondaries.

    One of the things the written word has over video games, even I’ll admit. Easier to cut away from the protagonist, and more often too.

  4. Do you actually answer to that kind of reviews or PMs? If it’s becoming a bother maybe add the OP message to your profile on FF. If that doesn’t help with the situation… On the other hand it should be pretty obvious the saga is about Liara and Shep, how people get it in their heads that there is any wiggle room for a change in the pairing or some bedroom sightseeing, IDK.

    Perhaps they also missed the memo where Shepard woke only a few months ago and from her perspective it wasn’t all that long ago when Liara was still alive.

    Stay strong.

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