Next chapter coming along… slowly

I’m about 4500 words into the next chapter. I’m hoping to have something ready to go by the weekend, but I wouldn’t say its impossible that I won’t get anything serious done until Labor Day in the US (September 5)

Work has been beyond insane, with several days where I’ve had to work from 4 AM to 7 PM the next day. I won’t get into why, but this has obviously disrupted my sleep schedule, and with other things going on has cut down on my writing time.

I have gotten estimates from several artists on the next phase of artwork and am in the process of determining what to go with based on Patreon feedback. Ideas to that effect are also welcome here.

8 thoughts on “Next chapter coming along… slowly”

  1. My suggestions for artwork:
    Tetrimus, The mouth of the Shadow Broker,
    The sisters of vengeance,
    Garrus in full Archangel gear,
    Butcher vs Okeer,
    The council in it’s current state,
    Tali and Joker,

    Might I suggest posting what you have for the editors?

  2. I am truly sorry to hear you are so busy. I Completely understand where you are coming from.

    I hope things improve for you soon. No rush on anything.

    1. I’m salaried, so … I’m not sure. It was either that or have the data center go down and lose inventory control on about 22,000 cell phones, most of which are worth $500 to $800 a piece.

      The bosses were not giving a shit, at that point.

  3. Wait a minute, am I reading this right? You’ve had a 39 hour work day?
    How in the…
    Hope that gets better for you, that’s just nuts.

  4. Here’s an idea:

    A picture of Joker… AS THE JOKER!
    And Tali as Harley Quinn.

    Also, the Darkness. I see it as an inky black smoke/ink (like food coloring in water) pouring out of tears in space-time. But maybe it acts like a liquid black hole, bending light around it to make it look really trippy (like so off it gives you a headache just looking at a picture).

  5. Wait what? 7AM to 7PM the NEXT DAY? Wtf is that even legal?
    Workers rights! Stand up to your oppressors and fight the system!
    Fuckin’ do something! You’ve got more important things to do than work!
    ~ JunkMail

  6. Your work hours are slightly scary. I hope you get paid accordingly.

    So 4,5 k words in… Only 10k more to go if your previous chapters are anything to go by. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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