Sara Shepard painting complete!


The completed portrait of Sara Shepard.  Click for fullsize image.

I am very impressed with this work, myself.This is the first of a bunch of works I’ve commissioned to illustrate what I’ve been writing. The artist in question is Erin Asplund, who can be found at

Now, here is a question.

Once I’m done with OSABC I , I will be having a hardbound copy created. If there is any interest from anyone else about having a copy, I’d like to know about it. I haven’t decided how to do it, yet, but  I am thinking that if anyone wants it, I’d go back, edit it up and polish it, include some notes and designs that never made it to the final draft, include some of the background notes, that sort of thing.


Let me know if it’s a stupid idea.

7 thoughts on “Sara Shepard painting complete!”

  1. This image is a very nice one and has me very eager to see future ones, I dont know if it is open for suggestions but I would very much like to see this artist do one or two warp swords because I am having some trouble imagining what they look like.
    The idea of getting a hardbound copy is intruiging however I am still undecided, perhaps you could come back to us when you have decided how you are going to do it and how one would go about getting their own.

  2. First of the image is beautiful.
    I agree with Seven Seven, I have an image of how It looks in my head but i’m wondering how you would realise it if you could.

    I would love a hardbound copy of this series it’s epic and blantanly deseveres one. However I can imagine you would run into a shit load of legal issue’s since it’s bioware’s IP. I would love one with all of your concepts your notes, that kind of stuf. But again I’m wondering how you would arrange it.

  3. Legally speaking, as long as don’t charge anything for it, don’t register an ISBN for it, and provide full crediting in the book, there’s absolutely nothing BW can do.

    1. ah okay.

      My knowledge in these kind of things is vague at best since I haven’t had any interactions with these kind of things except from what I hear from youtube that get screwed all the time. I still fear BW is a dick and try to do something about.

      Well in that case sign me up for one, so long the delivery cost aren’t enormous I’d happy for that for what i’ve described above, and possible fabrication cost.

  4. If it were legal for me to buy a hard copy of it from you, I would. You should include all the documentation you’ve made as well, or at least as a separate ‘codex’ of some sort.

    That portrait is pretty cool. The spectre cape reminds me of “The Incredibles”. Y’know, how it’s just not safe for people that jump around with super powers because they’ll get sucked into a jet engine?

    Nice new site layout, by the way. Took me a minute to realize I hadn’t clicked on the wrong tab.

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