Some redesigns

I’ve cleaned up the menus to properly organize my various works. I’ll also be putting up download links to the full (not broken up by chapter) versions here soon.

I plan to get more art done (the Kazan needs a painting, so do my new OC’s and Liara in an Alliance Uniform.) I also plan to do a series on how I’ve developed the series, and the highlight some conversations in PM between myself and Progman that go over some of the subtle nature of OSABC.

I’ll also be putting up some ideas about the batarians and would appreciate feedback on those.

Working on next chapters

I’m busy working on both a new chapter for Of Sheep and Battle Chicken as well as the first chapter of the Turian Hierarchy for a Season of Sorrows Unending.

I’ve also finally completed outlining of Lions in Blue and Silver, although I don’t have a date for that to actually begin work yet.  LiBaS is a story idea given to me by Progman, to go into the background of the Legacy Team. It will go over some parts of the First Conflict War that are very ugly, and probably run to about ten or eleven chapters. It will also give a lot of insight into why Rachel Florez joined Cerberus.

I haven’t gotten much done on the Human Version of the Cerberus Files, and sadly nothing done on Naruto stories either.