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      So, wasn’t sure where to bring this up, but hey, let’s be honest here, this is the only part of the forums to get used these days.

      Anyways, I don’t know if anyone else here binges TVT, but if you do, you might notice a very limited number of entries for OSaBC scattered around. This has basically been me turning the idea over in my head how to give something back to LP.

      Because hey, its great OSaBC has a recommendation on the Mass Effect fanfic page, but there’s a lot of Mass Effect fanfics that have their own pages. Shit, if a dead ME/Pacific Rim crossover not even 1/10th of the size of OSaBC can have one, why not OSaBC?

      And, full disclosure, its not like I’m doing anything else these days.

      So, I could pick away at drafting pages, attempt to learn more than my passing knowledge of wiki formatting, seeding more entries across the site, and what have you, and have it outpaced by MarsOne and the Hyperloop or we can all chip in a bit.


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      Logical Premise

      I certainly would be very happy if I had more coverage there, as reading their Naruto pages has been a guilty pleasure of mine.

      I was aware one of my readers (KhaosKyuubi) had written something up, but that it was pretty limited. I don’t get a lot of hits or traffic from there (I literally get more hits from Dark Lord Potter and Reddit) so I figured most people there were more looking at other kinds of stories.

      If you or anyone else wants to chip away and adding links to certain tropes (Lord knows I’ve used Rule of Cool enough) or see if it can support its own page, I’m fine with that. I think, however, there is probably a certain conflict with my writing stuff up on there — plus, it’s more fun to see if people’s perception of the work was the same as I intended or if they see something else entirely.

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