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      So, I’m gonna put forward a crazy notion. Its been rolling around in my head for awhile now.

      Shepard being the one to investigate the Alpha Relay was the wrong call on Hackett’s part.

      First, let’s get the one most people in the ME universe would immediately jump on, the body count. Shepard is, in canon, already a suspected terrorist, and is quite possibly on the Council’s shit list after telling them to fuck off. Adding a massive body count in the hundreds of thousands isn’t going to help matters. If Hackett had sent in Alliance Marines, worst case, he’s punished, but probably not executed, which Shepard likely would have been if not for Liara’s interference.

      The other thing is, when Shepard tries telling everyone about the mass indoctrination of an Alliance black team and the Reaper artifact clearly counting down to the invasion, pretty much everyone went “Oh hey, Shepard’s lost it again,” and ignored them. If the Alliance had gone in, there would be a third party, with a tangential connection to Shepard, corroborating their claims. It would have been a lot harder to ignore one of the Alliance’s top admirals, and his support staff, and anyone watching armour cams at the time, all joining Shepard in screaming about Reapers.

      Instead, if you don’t do Arrival, one of the biggest War Assets in ME3 gets essentially wiped out, punishing a player when they could have turned it around and shown that sometimes Shepard’s interferece is detrimental, and that they aren’t Space Jesus.

      Goddamnit BioWare.

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      From the opening quote for the OSABC: Lions:

      […]We may disagree with the politics of Saracino, the rogue actions of Chu, the violent rejection and slaughter at the end by Kyle. We may curse Yonis Chu for his actions at Arotaht with the batarian relay. Many, I suspect, have already cursed Ahern for beating them into the ground during training.[…]

      I think we can guess that it’ll be Chu and not Shepard who pulls the trigger on the Alpha Relay in the Premiverse. In any case, canon variant of the events was yet another example of rank-A stupidity and poor storytelling. To say nothing how that plot point was handled in the ME3 and its opening scene and dialog with Anderson which had me sitting almost slack-jawed in front my screen, listening in mild disbelief at the exchange between Shepard and Anderson and then later the Admiralty board, or whatever that was supposed to be.

      It was so bad that at first I almost completely missed Ashley ‘I had a Beverly Hills makeover’ Williams and am considering career in the porn industry.

      I agree with you that this particular mission should have been handled by someone else than Shepard. Moreover, I’ll add that Hackett was often used as something of a toxic uncle in the story. First we have the debacle with Kyle in canon which pretty much translates to Shepard being little than a glorified trouble-shooter. I’m sure we have something in the ME2 involving Hackett but I can’t remember. Then of course we have the Alpha Relay BS as a personal favor to the ‘more trouble than he’s worth’ Hackett.

      I also loved his speech about hitting the Reapers where they aren’t expecting it he drew for Shepard in ME3. It was weak and cringe-worthy.

      /rant end.

      I feel better now. ^_^

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      Logical Premise

      I only have the barest outlines of this written…so there is still time to change things up.

      But yeah, I had Chu doing that part of things.

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