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    1. How does the Outsider feed? It sounds like he needs to consume entire realities in an instant, but the Darkness managed to flee. And the Leviathans and Darkness were (probably) eaten at a later date, but the PV universe still exists. Is it instant reality consumption (like putting a cookie in your mouth), or is it a drawn-out process (like eating at a buffet)?

    You also mentioned that consuming (either the entire Milky Way or the whole universe) would only power him for ~3 seconds. How can he survive for so long with such immense energy needs?

    2. How does one fight the Darkness? It sounds like the Catalyst summoned the Darkness and two seconds later ALL reapers were dead. But the war with the Leviathans lasted millions of years. And it sounds like a physical war with both sides sending mortal troops against one another.

    3. In terms of PV vs Canon, are Greater Reapers like Sovereign while Lesser Reapers are the reaper destroyers? And how many destroyers can be made from a species, since it couldn’t be the same “whole species = one greater reaper” ratio?

    4. How much Godpower use is required to trigger a false vacuum in another reality?


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    Some questions I meant to ask in the chatroom, but never got around to.

    5. What is ‘Vol Prime’?

    6. Red sand makes hanar sick, can that be weaponized to fight them?

    7. Who are the vortha?

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    8. The batarian unmaking made everyone forget, but what about physical records of them? Were those unmade as a result, or were they manually purged by the Catalyst? Shepard took the Pillars of Strength as a reminder, but does she have any recollection of the batarians herself?


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    Logical Premise

    1,2,3 and 4 are Dave questions. 8 is a chandra.

    Vol Prime is the supermassive spacestation in orbit around Irune designed for non-volus inhabitants and the Corporate Court.

    6. No. Red Sand requires inhalation and all hanar in war environments wear environmentally sealed warsuits.

    7. The vortha are an alien race in the Sculptor Galaxy.

    Purge the alien. Kill the heretic. Suffer not the witch to live.

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