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      1. Innovation

      How could innovation become the primary strength of Humanity when every other race is capable of such, to be honest i have a hard time believing this when i first read it.

      2. Prothean Empire Collapse

      How could the socio-cultural uniformity of the Prothean Empire contribute to its own downfall at the hands of the Reapers when it should’ve exhibited strength and endurance against the onslaught of the Ascended-knockoffs?

      3. Flash clone army

      Given how can they be manufactured just like any product in the military-industrial complex, what’s stopping leaders from creating a military exclusively compromised of flash-clones. It would be logical they’re undyingly loyal, disposable and be shorn-off from the petty demands of the average soldier.

      4. Leviathan husk

      I don’t know if this is even real or not but from what i remember, you mentioned that the Ascended doesn’t use husks… but something much more terrifying that it. What is it and what makes the Reaper’s Husks look like puppies in comparison?

      5. Batarian Sodomy

      As evidenced by the Batarian Hierarchy of needs, does this lead to the horrific fact that Batarians (ie. those serving on ships) would sodomise one another in the virtual absence of females, since power and domination belong to their primary needs.

      6. North Korea

      How did the Hermit Kingdom of the Kim dynasty fared during the worldwide chaos of the Pre-Iron era and what is their current status in the Post-Iron world? In RL however, i can’t see them lasting any further because of Donald Trump’s aggressive stance.

      7. Brazilians

      What’s life like for the most despised group of Humanity who were responsible for ruining their civilisation and homeworld? What kind of… ‘restraints’ are imposed on them since it appears that education has none – evidenced by the fact that one scientist in the first chap. of OSABC II is a Brazilian. More importantly, how is the prejudice perpetuated for decades after Ardiente?

      8. Other bastards

      Follow up with the Bastard Children question in IV5, but this time with the other Apexes of their races (High lords, SIX, Thirty, Palavanus). I think you can scratch the Thirty given from what i’ve read about Aria in the Asari docs. An example for my own amusement, let’s say a… young member of the Manswells had fallen for a Brazilian and conceived a child with her. How would that go?


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      1. Nope.

      2. They died. Get over it.

      3. Flash-clones live for about six seconds and have no inherent functioning besides organ regulations.

      4. They’re big ol’ middle fingers.

      5. Nope.

      6. They died.

      7. No one cares about them because they all suck.

      8. They’d probably die.

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