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      1. Lethath ignored

      Since this asshole is pretty much the reason why everything went shit, how come none of his kind (particularly Katha) killed him immediately when his calculations were what brought an end to their Empire (from what i can remember from in Discord).

      2. Lethath as All-Highest

      From what i’ve read in FUSD, this guy immediately became the All-Highest after the one got the first blow from the Darkness. Isn’t there any established heir for the original All-Highest? Also as revealed in Discord, Lethath is the least trusted by the All-Highest given how the asshole’s their analogy of a mad scientist.

      3. Lethath vs. Katha

      Should these two collide in a speculative scenario, who would win?


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      Logical Premise

      This can all be cleared up by point out that Lenath, the strongest of the Ascended after the All-Highest, is not the same as Lethath.

      Lenath was the Rider of the Echo of Wrath. (And was eventually partially made into Harbinger.)

      Katha and the Black Leviathans were far too busy fighting to do anything to Lethath during the first few days, and Lethath’s Godpower tricks were all that kept them in the war for some time. Katha did not know Lethath was responsible for the catastrophe until nearly the end of the war when the Ascended military broke.

      Everything else is Dave.

      Purge the alien. Kill the heretic. Suffer not the witch to live.

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