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      So, I was re-reading the Cerberus Files: Humanity doc, and About halfway through the chapter on the Families, I started wondering.

      What does the formal name of Shepard’s Estate end up being?

      If you want it to be a secret, especially given how close Illium (and what a few other docs have said is Shepard’s reveal to the galaxy) is, and therefore the Estate being named (and other administrivia Shepard never had time to do getting done) might be closer than I originally thought, I completely understand.

      Also, I’ve been up all night and my brain is getting tugged in two different directions by caffeine and knock-off Nyquil, so if this is completely incoherent, that’d be why.

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      Logical Premise

      I only have fragmentary notes on that — there’s a number of names that I haven’t narrowed down to one yet.

      Generally speaking, Shepard simply never had time to do the proper administrativea that being a Baroness entailed. For all intents and purposes, her House and Estate were sealed by the Mayor upon her death.

      In the years since she died, it has become something of a tourist attraction. No one is permitted inside, of course, but its forgotten that it was originally built for a slightly crazy and introverted matriarch.

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