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      How does this play out? Since this development is virtually unforeseen and can happen anytime and anywhere, would it be mandatory for every starship to have an… FC training or even a specialist onboard at all times?

      From my experience with Sci-Fi, there are three types of First Contacts: Peaceful, Hostile and Observational.

      Peaceful would be where both parties are standing down and engaging in a cordial interaction.

      Hostile on the other-hand, is when either of the party displayed aggressive behaviour against the other.

      Observational would be a special case. It’s the case of coming across two unknowns at war. The new arrivals could do nothing since any action may place them on the wrong side, hence they must observe.

      What are the phases of resolution for each of the three scenario above?


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      Logical Premise

      I’m not sure I understand the question, or why or how it would even apply.

      Humans didn’t have any experiences in “first contact” and the Lords of Sol didn’t see the point in pie-in-the-sky theories of what ifs, and the whole mess at Shanxi soured them entirely on such things.

      As for Citadel races, it has been centuries since the last first contact occurred. For the most part, the only outstanding FC scenarios are primitives being remotely observed.

      I need to repeat something again, since people keep asking me things like this: I don’t model or give a shit about things I’m not going to use in the story. If it is some kind of ‘what if’ thing then the answer is probably I don’t know.

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      I meant to ask from the Citadel ‘standpoint’ and on the case where the contacted species is already a space-faring civilisation.

      Im pretty sure that as a government, the Citadel would be conscientious regarding measures taken in First Contact scenarios since those would shape their relationships with the new species, especially if they’re already on a level to be reckoned with.


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      To your first question, mostly because fuck you, no one cares. The Citadel doesn’t give a varren’s tiny rectum about any upstart race. If not for Uressa T’Shora, humanity would have been blown the fuck out anyway.

      To your second question, I would mostly restate what LP said: don’t ask shitty what-if questions.

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      Hey! What’s your problem? Sounds like you have an issue with me.


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