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      Logical Premise

      There is a very high chance that ‘undetermined’ translates to dies in ME3.

      Shepard: Dies (ME4)
      Liara: Dies (ME4)
      Kaidan: LOL
      Ashley: Undetermined
      Tali: Undetermined
      Garrus: Survives but dead by the time ME4 rolls around
      Pressly: Lives (LOL, figure that out)
      Telanya: Dies (ME4)
      General von Grath: undetermined
      Chakwas: Undetermined
      Navigator Friggs: Dies (ME3)
      Senior Chief Vega: undetermined
      Jack: Survives but dead by the time ME4 rolls around
      Morinth: Lives past ME4
      Aeythta: Not telling.
      Benezia: LOL
      Saren: Double LOL
      Vigil: Dies (Fear Unrelenting)
      Aria: undetermined
      Mordin: I’m probably too much of a weakass to kiil him.
      Wrex: Undetermined
      Grunt: Lives past ME4
      Miranda: undetermined
      Jacob: undetermined
      Kasumi: undetermined
      Zaeed: Dies (ME2)

      Purge the alien. Kill the heretic. Suffer not the witch to live.

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      So, I’m guessing Pressly has his mind uploaded into some type of machine and is ‘immortal’ in that sense then? That’s my best guess anyway.

      Glad to hear that Grunt and Morinth at least will live for a long while, though I imagine it will be hard for them, losing those closest to them and whatnot.

      Also glad to see you’re planning things out as far as an ME4 goes. Possibly longer then that maybe?

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      Who the hell is Navigator Friggs? NVM dies anyway what do i care?

      I don’t know how to feel about this. Personally i would have liked it better if you kept this information stowed away since frankly it spoils things that shouldn’t be spoiled.

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