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    As the title implies this is sort off a revised version of Mr. Green’s question approximately a year ago.

    The Premise back then has Shep being backstabbed by the pirate mom while trying to heal the kid, crippling her. Rachel approaches her and convinces her to work for Cerberus.

    But this instance occurs in her adulthood. What if we go far back?

    We all know that Shep’s parents sold her for prostitution. But what if fate intervened?

    Instead for some reason an individual approaches them and offers to take in Shepard through exorbitant payment. Being druggies, they’ll accept before a moment even passed.

    The person would be either Rachel Florez or TIM, both which are principal members of Cerberus. How would Shepard be under the wing of either them? All i know is that this Shep wouldn’t be a psychological wreck.


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    Logical Premise

    Given that it would result in a completely different person, it would no longer be the Shepard I built.

    Not only would that COMPLETELY miss the entire point of making Shepard that way, but she would just be another little Miranda.

    Not sure why people think this sort of question is interesting (and you aren’t the first to ask). In any event, it’s not something I thought about nor do I intend to, as it invalidates the point of what I’m writing about.

    I’m very tired of reading about plain, wholesome, normal mentally well adjusted white-male-hetro Shepard, or his female twin alter ego, Lesbian-Female-Shepard.

    Purge the alien. Kill the heretic. Suffer not the witch to live.

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