5 thoughts on “Matriarch Trellani”

  1. Don’t misunderstand, it looks awesome. But I was expecting something a little more vicious as far as looks go. Then again, this is her in her “not wanting to murder the thirty mode”


  2. Very neat. There’s a sharpness to Trellani in this depiction that really grasps the menacing air the Thirty-stalker-killer should have.

    I love that the shawl was included, nice touch there.

    But I’m really impressed with the Cerberus badge. I kept studying it for a few moments and have to say the depth and light reflex effects are very good.

  3. Wow. This is simply amazing. Not at all how I pictured her in my head, but still.

    As others have said, we can clearly see just how insane she is, how dangerous she is, and just how a man like Jack Harper would want to be with her.

    Truly awesome.

  4. I keep trying to decide if her expression is vaguely pleased, or slightly unhinged, which I suppose fits extremely well with the her personality.

    I think I get why the professor isn’t such a fan of hers.

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