5 thoughts on “TWCD Updated”

  1. Well hey, update! Whoo!

    You rally are a sadist, drawing out this reveal. I thought that this situation would have been resolved three chapters back, but no. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if they do meet, one of them recognizes the other, and then tries to hide out of shame.

    Well, other then the anticipation which is eating me from the inside out, great work as normal! can’t wait fro the Krogan entries on the Cerberus Files as well.

  2. Fantastic. Really enjoyed the Morinth reveal. Don’t know if I missed/forgot any clues prior to this chapter, but I didn’t expect it at all!

  3. Excellent chapter, thanks a bunch, that morinth reveal was pretty great, I low-key want to see the three half siblings getting together later on.

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