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  1. Regrettably I do not Role Play and I have not played ME3 Multiplayer in a while, but I might be able to get my old PS3 hooked up and maybe find a match.

  2. Well, I have been playing Mechwarrior Online for two months and have reached Tier 3 in month and a half. My favourites are a Warhammer 6R, a Marauder Bounty Hunter, an Enforcer, a Stalker 4N, a Marauder 3R (aka “Proto-Warhound Titan”) and, of course, a Night Gyr.

  3. You bastard. It’s finals week for me and I’m almost out of alcohol.

    Not a big fan of MMOs . Though I haven’t tried to play one for four years so it might be time to give it another go if anyone has recommendations.

    As for RP, can’t say I do but I’ve been looking to give it a try. Too busy to start now, hit me up next week if you cajole someone into DMing and don’t mind a noob.

    As for other games, I play a lot of Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy or rather I play the MovieBattles II mod for it. Old but amazing game and the mod is still being developed.

  4. Oooooh, I would love to get my Turian Ghost or Asari Vangurard out of storage ! Been thinking of initiating a friend to the delights of ME multi, in fact.

  5. No RP yet but a friend of mine has convinced me to give it a go sometime.

    Overwatch is my latest multiplayer game and I’m looking forward to rainbow six siege dropping to about 20 bucks so I can buy it.

    Do people still play the ME3 multiplayer? It’s a total blast but my live has run out ๐Ÿ™

  6. Oh thank fuck, I’ve been debating asking here if anyone wanted to play any of the 40kRPGs, didn’t know if it’d be too off-topic.

    Yes, I am desperate for a 40kRPG group, I curate /tg/’s MEGA repository of ALL the PDFs. My local gaming group were assholes who booted me for stupid shit that happened back in fucking high school. If anyone wants to jump on Discord and Roll20, I’m game.

    1. I’m for it you don’t mind a pen and paper noob. Never played seriously, aside for a little bit on Sufficient Velocity RP subforum but the GM didn’t have the time to keep running the show.

      As for quantification: I know a lot, maybe too much, 40k lore cause nerd and read almost all the 40k RPG books because House Haarlock is an awesome story piece.

  7. I’m a D&D Pathfinder/3.5/4th ED player who has also played Dark Heresy and Only War. Would be nice to do some more 40k universe stuff. For MMOs, just MWO online right now, which is going to get a rather nice community warfare change this upcoming week on the 13th.

  8. I’ve played a few MMO’s but I’ve pretty much given up on everything but Star Citizen, which I’m into for more than I should be lol. I don’t play ME3 Multiplayer anymore. Last time I tried I couldn’t get into a group and I can’t solo a round ๐Ÿ™

    Here’s the MMO’s I’ve played
    Star Wars Galaxies (Naritus Server, it’s how and why my back got screwed up originally. 18 hour game sessions for three years straight in a bad chair without being allowed to see the doc’ll do that >.< Other than the back stuff I'd do it all again tho ๐Ÿ˜€
    Lineage 2 (Was in the beta and live, massive lagfest, the most broken economy I've ever even heard of. Fun to play, and damn but the armors/weapons are cool)
    Lord of the Rings Online (Also part of the Beta, loved it, got to be one of the best players in it, then left when they screwed everyone)
    Rappelz (Loved it, and it's the only MMO I've played with a functional economy. Played it for years, then a database snafu cost me a $100 pet. When I put in a service ticket they insisted I'd been hacked and refused to reset things so I quit)
    Star Wars the Old Republic (Tried it, just couldn't get into it Cool ship designs though, and some cool characters. Also, Vette)
    Star Citizen (Still in alpha and already breaking totally new ground in games. The greatest thing, and the worst thing about the game can be summed up in 4 words. By gamers, for gamers.

  9. I’ve played World of Warcraft for almost a decade now. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but every time I think I’m done, Blizzard does something to suck me back in (and holy crap this expansion has been amazing). I don’t play many competitive multiplayer games, it’s just not my style. Also I’m bad at it.

  10. I play EVE Online. That’s about it, the only other MMO i’ve ever stuck with for mpre than a year is runescape.

    I don’t play ME3 MP anymore

  11. I run Pathfinder RPG games with up to 8 players, remotely and directly. I spent way too much time on ME3 Multiplayer back in 2013/2014, and I managed to unlock the Asari Justicar all the way. I’ve run a few platinums and successfully held the line on those(they are very unfair if you don’t have high level rare weapons).

    1. Sorry, only just noticed this function ^^. See above. (Love your work and am looking to start an online campaign myself, so I’m sure yours would provide great inspiration.)

  12. I’ve been playing DND with a couple of friends, Their awesome to play. I’ve never played it remotely but I’m willing to try, but I feel that we might have some localisation problems since I live in Europe.

  13. I played ME3 MP quite a lot a couple years ago. I sometimes play it but it’s getting much harder to find games.
    Bit of a preference for the Geth Infil character, using the javelin.
    One-shotting those pesky ravagers is funny.

    Far as MMOs and newer games, no. Computer isn’t good enough and I can’t replace it right now.

  14. Used to play ME3 multiplayer, but after spending way too much money on booster packs and spending far too many hours a day on it, things just started to get repetitive. Of course, then I discovered fanfiction, and generally forgot all about it. Lol.
    As for RPG’S, nah. Not my cup of tea. Though I am slowly getting into PC based games: XCOM2 and Overwatch.

    1. I did almost all of those direct or over skype, so transcripting would be a witch and half. But suffice to say all of my players invested heavily into RP skills as well as survival skills. My promise was that no matter how badly you twinked your character, the flaws would begin to eat at you. Everyone had a Sanity bar, which started at 100%/75% and gradually fell as they failed at tasks or were exposed to horrors. for every week not spent adventuring, you could regain 5 points. So basically there was a really good reason to RP well.

      I have a bunch of google docs that reference my world(Pathfinder standard rules, with a little bit on the house)

  15. I’m a bit late to the party, but I’ve played a lot ME3 MP. In fact I’ve spent more time in MP than in the SP, even if I finished the game twice. But I never beat gold ๐Ÿ™ … (but then I never seriously tried)

  16. The lurker is very late, as usual.
    Never got much chance to play ME3 MP, plus I suck royally at online multiplayer games so there was always the sense of “you’ll screw things up for the rest of your team if you join one” keeping me away from them. Overwatch lured me back into it for a time, but then life got busy.
    Tabletop RPs though — HELL yes I’m an addict. I have an easier time with roleplay-heavy systems than stat-heavy ones (math gives me hives), so we do a lot of Fate and Burning Wheel type games. Mouse Guard was pretty popular with my friends for a while, and it’s easy to have fun and not be so serious about everything when you’re playing as a talking mouse with a toothpick-sword.
    Always wanted to try my hand at Shadowrun but could never find anyone to play it with. Recently got an invite to try some D&D though, so that sounds fun!

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