Website under attack

Either my website specifically or the host is under extremely heavy DDOS, SQL Injection, bruteforce login spam and comment spam attacks right now and has been since early this morning.

I have pretty good defenses, multiple firewalls and security backlogs, but if the site goes down and doesn’t come back up in a few minutes, please email me. Same goes for the forums.

Still working on next chapter. Progress is slow but steady.

5 thoughts on “Website under attack”

  1. Huge sections of the US Internet have been hit by that recently. No one’s really said why, but it was like someone managed to DDOS about 20% of the US at once for several days.

  2. Someone figured out how to use the “Internet of Things” as extra botnet fodder.

    Even networked security cameras.

  3. Probably your host; that kind of brute force stuff is “We hate this hosting company for reasons and therefore we will make life miserable for innocent users because we don’t give a fuck.” And they’re looking for vulnerable websites on the host in order to fuck over more people because they are honestly sociopathic and unable to empathize with other human beings.

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