Progress (or rather lack thereof)

I’ve done about five thousand words on the next chapter without an outline, as the outlines keep not meeting what I need to write with.

Things are going slowly since I’ve got relatives staying with me and work is sort of getting hectic. On the plus side, I have (finally) gotten the research stuff  I need for drell, the engineering guide and maybe another add on to No Single Raindrop.

It is very likely (but not 100%) that something will come out in August, probably at least two STG files (one of them on Tetrimus) and maybe — no promises — another chapter of Lions.

The OSABC rewrites are going very well thanks to the Second Editing Gang. although re-reading it has opened my eyes to just how shit it really was. 🙁



9 thoughts on “Progress (or rather lack thereof)”

  1. An artist never tends to be happy with his own work. And for the record you’ve got one of the best fics going by any measure.

    If you’re looking for more inspiration from characters we might otherwise not hear from I suspect that an ANN Media Reports Archive update with people talking about crazy happenings could be fun 🙂

  2. Still would love to see Tradius Ahern’s files on galactic badasses and how to kill them, as well. I remember shopping the idea out to you a while back and you seemed interested in the premise. Your call, of course; you’re the author and it’s not my spot to dictate what you write in any way. But if you find yourself just looking for something to type as a way of distracting yourself, it would be totally awesome to explore just what it is about Ahern’s mind that makes him the deadliest of human combatants.

  3. I’m sorry to hear things are getting hectic, but at least some progress is being made and you are getting to spend time with family.

    On a different note I just would like to say that, while your skills have no doubt improved since you started, I’d like to go and say that your early postings are by and large orders of magnitude better then most of what else is posted. Hell, it’s better then a lot of professionally published work.

    What’s more, just what was really wrong with the early bits? The characters being too emotional and talk about their problems too much? They’re too ’emo’ or whatever the term is? I don’t remember them being that way.

    I always hate it when any character who has emotions other then maybe Anger or Hatred is instantly called ‘a whiny little bitch’ who needs to shut up. The fact that your characters HAD emotions, HAD problems they tried to work through, and Talked about them sometimes to people, is what made me actually feel some type of connection to them. If it had not been for those connections, I probably wouldn’t have been able to continue with Of Sheep and Battle Chicken, and definitely wouldn’t have stuck around through ‘And Then There Were None.’

    My Point is don’t be too hard on yourself. There’s a point at which characters become annoying yes, but your characters have never even come close to that point, at least for me.

    Sorry if this is incomprehensible gibberish. Very early for me.

    Take care.

  4. Red hit the nail on the head. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

    Sorry about the hectic work, but horizon-go-boom coming soon is very good news.

  5. Like Mrosera said, Red hit the nail on the head.

    I happen to agree with that statement, also i gave a link to the story to a friend whose dad teaches literature and stuff at uni. So far i haven’t asked about any question about the story, except how much they like it so far. Only got positive answers. with the remark that they hate some of the obvious typo’s like repetition and stuff like that. But that has more to do with our native language than anything else. At least that’s what they said. Me personally just love the story.

    So just enjoy writing as you do, spend time with the family cause live is just too short and most of all carpe diem.

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