Fixit Gang Preparations

Thank you for those who have volunteered to help rewrite/fix/unfuck OSABC.

I’m interested in people’s thoughts about how this should happen:

  1. I can put out a chapter at the beginning of a week (Monday) and pick it up Saturday or Sunday, which allows people to choose their own time to edit or
  2. I can put it out on a Saturday morning and have an official ‘edit block’ of time for publication on Monday, which allows for more interaction with editors.

Which would be more convenient?

In TWCD news, no, haven’t started the next chapter yet. Links for the outline will go up on the Patreon page when done. There is another Patreon Status report up there  as well.

6 thoughts on “Fixit Gang Preparations”

  1. #1 might work better for me. I can go in on Friday after everyone has made changes and do a final proofread.

    Then you post on the weekend or Monday?

  2. Why not do both? Put it out at the beginning of the week, then have a power hour of editing on Saturday morning?

    Incidentally, is it too late to sign up?

  3. The first option works for me. From what I remember the chapters could get rather long and going over even 5k words take a lot of time.

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