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    1. Time Machine

    Don’t ask. All i know is that it uses some 8th dimensional manipulation strings to achieve it, cause from my understanding we could travel to any universe at any time


    Superstring stellar siege weapon.

    Knowing the power of superstrings, . This ship-board
    weapon idea of mine destroys battle fleets or even entire planets (at maximal power setting) by smashing a pair of superstrings on the targets (akin to the closing jaws of a predator.)

    To be honest, this idea was inspired by the Silent Mary of the upcoming POTC film and the way batarian worlds were destroyed.

    Godpower Faraday cage.

    Sorta similar to the Severity, but the main purpose is to restrict Godpower evocation. Whatever’s on the outside of the ‘cage’ wouldn’t affect the inside and vice-versa.


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    Logical Premise


    Smashing a pair of superstrings together wouldn’t leave much of the Local Group.

    As for the second, the Severity doesn’t directly restrict Godpower usage, or the Leviathans and Reapers would be in trouble.

    It makes it extremely difficult to generate and get started (to prevent races from finding out about it) and it muffles the ‘noise’ and ‘smell’ using it makes.

    What you are describing are reality anchors, devices that ‘refold’ higher dimensional spaces out of the way again so that they can’t be accessed.

    Once a Godpower invocation has been … built and triggered, there’s nothing aside from another one that’s going to stop it, as it pretty much makes a mockery of any rules of conventional physics or Euclidian space.

    Purge the alien. Kill the heretic. Suffer not the witch to live.

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