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      I know i know. Frankly you already have insane amount of things to do as far as ‘content you wanna make’

      But I had a thought:
      Wouldn’t it be awesome to see how Vasir’s first ever mission goes for the council? To see how she got fed up, and started working for the Shadow Broker?

      It’s just an idea, but hey it’s out there now.

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      Logical Premise

      Actually, from what little I’ve got down in my handwritten notes, Vasir’s frustrations with the Council only got to the boiling point about forty years ago.

      The Broker was mostly under salarian control until roughly sixty years ago (when the Yahg took over) and she was not involved with the Broker Network prior to that.

      I don’t know yet what would have set her off like that. I’ll have to think about it.

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