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      Logical Premise

      Right now I have several fics outstanding:

      Ahern’s Guide
      Tech Guide
      No Single Raindrop

      I also have to work on the Cerberus Files at some point, but that probably won’t be until next year.

      Which should I focus on till the end of the year?

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      my vote goes to Lions, Ahern’s guide is fun, but Lions is outright better.

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      I’m having difficulty deciding between the tech guide which ties in closely with equipment seen in the story, and includes reaper horror, and Ahern’s colorful descriptions of why pissing off the elcor leads to being turned to paste.

      On a side note, if their infantry are tanks, how many guns do they put on their fleet?

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      I think you should actually concentrate on the Cerberus Files in priority.

      I’m sure they require more research, and are “dryer”, but I have also observed that the Files seemingly always correlate to a net increase in the sense of cohesiveness and appeal of the story. I remember, for example, when you didn’t know quite what to do with the Hanars, and it seems indisputable to me that working on it has opened fascinating perspectives on the story. I’m pretty sure something like that occurred when you were working on the Batarians.

      I would say that both short, and long-term, you need to get such a ball rolling on (in that order) the quarians, the krogan, and the geth.

      The other fictions are enjoyable as hell and I’m know that changing threads helps when you’re writing something complex, but unless I’m mistaken, Krogans and Quarians/Geth are going to start to matter as more than individuals very soon, and I believe they need to feel more fleshed out as races and cultures, the way Turians and Asari do.

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      Personally I would like to see ‘No Single Raindrop’ updated next. Mainly due to my love for what you’ve done with Liara, Benezia, and the glimpses into the Post-War galaxy. But that’s just me of course.

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      I support Tech Guide or Ahern’s Guide for your focus. I think these give readers the most relevant information.

      No Single Raindrop is my favorite but it’s not really relevant to the plot yet. Maybe when more insight is needed into asari society it will be necessary but not right now.

      Memories feels like snippets that never made it into another story. Good stuff here but not something that will get finished and other stories can be used to gain insight to current events better then this.

      Lions might be the a fully story but I don’t care as much as the main story and it’s just not very important right now. Backstory is good but not as essential.

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      Lions are pretty much the best side story IMHO. So I’d like to see it updated. Followed by the Tech Guide, Cerberus Files and Memories with Ahern’s Guide and No Single Rain Drop closing the list.

      Ahern’s stories are fun to read but the man can be a bit much and while the overview is great and not as ‘dry’ as CF it’s also not as interesting as CF which is a much more detailed document, and I think a more engaging one.

      NSRD I don’t really have an opinion beyond that it doesn’t hold as much of my attention as any of the other stories you’ve written, Henry.

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      I would suggest updating the Tech Guide and Cerberus Files, as Quintin says, it helps produce coherent backstory and individual character motivations.

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      (Why do I always become “Quintin” instead of “Quentin” ^^)

      Indeed. To make it into a metaphor, I think there are seeds of stories at the origin of stories like NSR or
      Lions. They tickle you enough that you planted them and you water them on occasions. By all means, don’t neglect them. But the Cerberus and Tech files are themselves fistful of seeds, and the nifty thing about them is that we as readers can partake in the game of building a mental image of your ‘verse, whereas your short stories are more like fruits : you grew them yourself, so they are more tasty, and they stimulate our imagination better (LOVED that description of the Thirty making the Reapers blue with badassery, for example), but the files are better at stimulating our intellects, which is perhaps more central to the pleasure of reading.

      I believe.

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