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      Something I was thinking about while working on the OSABC typo cleanup.

      The Reapers refer to AIs and artificial races as perversions, with the geth being classified as class three of such. The Reapers mention the existence of a class eight in another galaxy with a harvest in progress, as well as a tier seven corruption (which I assume is an augmented organic race?) turning into a five perversion.

      Was wondering what your notes are on this, what is the point at which a robot turns into a class one perversion and how far above is class eight above the geth?

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      I think it has something to do with the… technological sophistication of the Perversion. Geth was labelled as a class-3 while the Zha’til were class-4 from the Nazara chapter of OSABC.

      I think it’ll be safe to assume that Perversion classing is… the steps to achieving singularity.


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      Logical Premise

      Perversions are actually classed on their development type and how far they deviate from “safe” level AI/VI models, and also their measure of technological power in using Godpower or achieving it.

      “Safe” AI is AI that cannot achieve enough calculative power to comprehend hyperdimensional physics without experiencing crippling cascade failures.

      Class 1 Perversions can understand the basic concepts but are unable to utilize any of it due to limits in power, technology or scale, and suffer side effects.

      Class 2, 3, and 4 Perversions are all capable of low, moderate or advanced uses of Godpower provided they have the energy needed to support such, and suffer side effects.

      Class 5 Perversions (the most dangerous) are Reaper-level constructs, capable of using the Godpower without any side effects.

      Side effects in AIs include hyper-rampancy, time dialiation loop lockups, data corruption, forked-incompatibility conflicts, and a host of other AI specific issues that usually mean such perversions blow themselves up far before they get too far in understanding things.

      The distributed nature of the Geth allows them to absorb the drawbacks of such knowledge better. The Zha’Til, being cybernetic beings, could also adapt better.

      As a comparison, EDI would be a Class 2, Vigil a Class 5.

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